Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My mother always said...

"There will be days when you literally get nothing done."

I remember her telling me about having days while raising us that she'd find the breakfast dishes still in the sink at 9PM.

"Not me," I'd think. "I'll be on top of things." This is of course insane considering the amount of things my mom juggles and accomplishes daily with an incredible amount of poise and finesse.

Today was one of those days. I did not accomplish anything around the house whatsoever.

The reason? R is growing out of the infant stage and into the baby stage.

Translation? He's not needing to breastfeed as often as he once did.

Does he know this yet? I'm not sure.

He seems to still wants to nurse as often as he used to, but is finding that when he tries there isn't room in his belly yet. This does not please him at all.

And so today went...

Lots of fussiness and frustration from R. It of course frustrating me to see my normally-happy baby so upset. I continued to nurse on demand, but am finding that he's demanding a bit too early now and then upsetting himself further.

And so this evening, what do I find? The dishes in the sink and not a thing scratched off my to-do list.

My mother was right again.

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