Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be still my beating heart...

My sweet boy laughed today.

Oh the sweet melody that is R's giggles.

And just when I think my heart might explode with joy from the sound of his laughter, he squealed! Did I mention that he also picked up his baby keys and shook them?


R has been smiling the sweetest smiles since about 6 weeks old, but this is the first time I remember him really laughing and holding onto a hard toy without us putting it in his hand. (He's been picking up and holding onto soft stuff toys by himself for a few weeks.)

And what caused his sweet laughter?

The raspberries...on his sweet "piggies." Gets 'em every time.

It's really neat to see each new stage with our baby. And to see him come into his own sweet personality.

I'm forever excited for the next thing he'll do!

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