Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Okay, so let's try this again...

About a year and half ago I decided to start a blog. However with our new living situation (a then recent move) and becoming pregnant with our son, I lost track of the blog. Instead of starting up again on that blog, I've decided to start over completely.

Let me start by introducing myself: my name is Liz. I am a Navy wife to my handsome Sailor husband and an extremely proud mommy to our sweet baby boy, R. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the beautiful family and life that I have and I thank God everyday for all it.

How on earth did I come up with the blog title, you say? Good question. Herons are migratory birds and that was part of the reason I picked the name "Flying Like a Heron" for the blog. As a military family, we are constantly on the move and will be until my husband either decides to rejoin the civilian world at the end of a contract or retires from the Navy. Either way, R and I are along for the adventure and will support him 100%. We haven't been in the Navy too long yet; however, I can tell you from the experiences we've had thus far that being a military family isn't for the faint of heart. It's hard having your loved one gone on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. It's also hard having them work strange hours that the rest of the Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 world isn't working. I will tell you though that it is worth it. We are so blessed to have a steady paycheck and a place to live. I'm also very happy to report that my husband is doing what he loves to do and THAT alone makes every moment worth it.

I guess the other thing you should know about us before divulging too much further into our lives is that we are into natural living. To us this means that we eat mostly organic or natural foods and try to avoid chemicals and preservatives. We also take vitamins and use homeopathic remedies and believe strongly in natural birthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and making our own baby food (when the time comes for R to start solids). This will more than likely be a reoccurring theme throughout my posts so I may as well be forthright with it now.

Here's to hoping that try #2 is a success with the blog.

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