Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When it all falls apart...

I have had one of those days.

One of those nothing is really wrong, but nothing is really right kind of days.

And that would be why I'm eating burnt and cold spaghetti. Yeah, I managed to pulled that one off.

But in order to not focus on all the stupid, silly annoyances of the day, I want to focus this post on the blessings that are always there when things fall apart. (These are in no particular order.)

1) My husband. Bless the man. He signed up to spend forever with me. He's got to be a saint. And he puts up with me when I just want to cry because I've burnt the spaghetti and it just so happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

2) My sweet baby boy. He had a super fussy day, but always seems to calm down and cuddle up when mama picks him up. Love that!

3) My family. They've put up with me for over a quarter of a century and still are ALWAYS there to listen to me...even when it's silly little complaints.

4) My Navy family. These people truly understand everything we go through with the Navy. When I'm at my whit's end with the night shift and never seeing my hubby, they get it AND sympathize. I know we'll always stay connected despite time and place, because we do have that military connection...that lifelong friendship that comes with the military lifestyle.

5) Our house and all the luxuries that go with it. Seriously people, have you ever stopped and thanked God for the simple things like food and shelter? To top things off, we're lucky enough to have a TV, computer, books, etc. etc. etc.

6) Last, but not least, my faith. I find that on days like today, I need to have a long talk with God. Afterwards I'll feel better and He'll remind me, like He did today, that in reality everything is OKAY.

Yep, we're blessed and I try to never forget it, even on bad days.

What helps you calm down and refocus on tough days?

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