Monday, December 19, 2011

Some of the things I never thought I do...

...and then I became a mother.

1) Have my morning routine--that used to take 45 minutes--down to the time it takes for my son's mobile to play twice. AND I still get the same things down. WHAT was I doing before that made me take so long? I guess I just knew that I didn't HAVE to be done fast.

2) Go out in public without a shower and makeup and with my hair looking slightly better than the bird's nest outside our house. I had to run to Walgreens for my sick husband and I had a cranky--possibly teething--baby with me. I'm just thankful that's there's no "People of Walgreens" website or my "look" might have made it on there that day.

3) Get up at 5:45AM and like it. Love it even. R decided to wake up and stay up at that time the other morning. After watching him smile and giggle for a while, I decided this early morning stuff wasn't half bad.

4) Sing 24-7. I know that's a scary thought to some, but R seems to love hearing me sing. Often, when he's really cranky, it's the only thing that will soothe him. His favorite songs? ABCs and Rock-a-bye baby. We also sing many, many other songs--including Christmas songs.

5) Stay in on the weekend and enjoy it. I'm not saying that I don't like to have company or go places and I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy some home relaxation time before; however, I've found a new appreciation for staying in and relaxing with the hubby on weekend evenings. We watch "Bones" on Netflix and eat dinner together. Very relaxing.

6)Do chores with only one hand and/or pick things up with my feet. Yep, I know, this makes me sound a bit like a gorilla. There have been many moments in motherhood where I've done chores one-handed with R on my hip. There have also been moments when I needed something off the floor while rocking R and have picked it up with my toes. Yep, I'm adaptable...haha.

What is something you've done that surprises you now that you have a child(ren)?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Ha, I like this list! It's true, so many things change when you become a mom!